Law agency "Vash Yurist" ("Your lawyer") was formed into a company in February 1995, license of the Ministry of Justice No 227 of 11 August 1995.

The agency offers to its clients a wide range of services related to enterprise economic activity.

The underlying principle applied by the agency is prevention of conflict situations.

The existing experience in the area of judicial practice allows our specialists to define the most important issues at the very start of companys work in Russia: establishment, accreditation of local representation, registration of share issue, etc. and provide for the observance of all the legal procedures thus allowing to avoid and subsequent disputes over property rights, investment, share issue procedures etc.

The expert analysis and assistance in contract preparation are important in case there are any disagreements with contractors, besides timely analysis and correction of contracts excludes the possibility that the tax authorities will construe the contracts in an undesirable way in terms of taxation.

With the tax authorities trying to extract as much taxes as possible at all costs in many cases the only way a taxpayer can protect its interests is legal proceedings. In such case the legal service of Vash Yurist has advantage over ordinary firms of lawyers since it specialises in taxation and has expertise in construing the existing laws for advantage of the taxpayers. In this was all our client receive comprehensive and professional legal support at all the stages of their work.

The viability of this complex approach was confirmed by the experience of work with our clients among whom there are multinational corporations, major Russian companies as well as small and medium size enterprises.


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